Bestie rules


Bestie Rules

Bestie Rules for Successful Dating

When it comes to dating, having a best friend by your side can make the journey more enjoyable and rewarding. Your bestie not only provides emotional support but also offers valuable advice and insight. To make the most of this special relationship, it's important to establish some bestie rules for your dating adventures. These rules will strengthen your bond with your bestie and help navigate the world of romance more smoothly.

1. Honesty is the Bestie Policy

One of the key rules between best friends when it comes to dating is honesty. Open and honest communication creates a foundation of trust, allowing you both to speak your minds without judgment. Share your dating experiences, fears, and insecurities with your bestie. They can offer a fresh perspective and keep you grounded. Remember, good or bad, honesty is the best way to strengthen your friendship.

2. Respect Boundaries

Respecting each other's boundaries is essential in any friendship, including the bestie-dating dynamic. While it's great to rely on your bestie for advice, it's important to respect their personal space and boundaries. Don't make assumptions or invade their privacy. Offer support and a listening ear, but avoid being overly intrusive. By maintaining boundaries, you provide a safe and comfortable environment for both of you to grow as individuals.

3. Keep the Bestie Circle Balanced

When you start dating someone new, it's easy to become infatuated and solely focus on your romantic relationship. However, maintaining a balanced bestie circle is crucial. Make sure you don't neglect your friendship in favor of your new partner. Plan regular hangouts, keep each other updated on your lives, and make time for fun activities together. By maintaining the bestie bond, you'll continue to have a support system in all aspects of life.

4. Be Each Other's Wingperson

Best friends are the ultimate wingpersons. As you navigate the dating scene, be there for each other by providing emotional support and encouragement. Whether it's brainstorming date ideas, helping with wardrobe choices, or offering a listening ear after a romantic mishap, being a wingperson for your bestie can make a world of difference. Together, you can conquer the challenges of dating with confidence and humor.

5. Celebrate Each Other's Successes

In a bestie-dating dynamic, it's vital to celebrate each other's romantic successes. If one of you finds a great partner, be genuinely happy and supportive. Understand that relationships can change dynamics, and adjusting to that change is crucial. By celebrating each other's milestones and happiness, you reinforce the trust and love between you, ensuring your bond remains strong.

6. Give Constructive Criticism

A bestie is someone who will tell you the truth, even when it's not what you want to hear. In the realm of dating, constructive criticism can be valuable. If your bestie notices patterns or behaviors that might be hindering your dating success, be open to their feedback. Remember, their intentions are good, and they only want the best for you. Constructive criticism can help you learn and grow, leading to more fulfilling romantic relationships.

7. Practice Active Listening

Listening actively is an essential skill in any friendship, and it becomes even more vital when discussing dating experiences and emotions. Being fully present and engaged during conversations with your bestie strengthens your connection. Show empathy and understanding as you listen to each other's joys and heartaches. By practicing active listening, you foster trust, compassion, and support between you.


Building a strong and healthy bestie relationship while navigating the dating world requires following a set of bestie rules. Honesty, respect, balance, and support are crucial in maintaining a thriving friendship. By abiding by these rules, you and your bestie can navigate the complexities of dating together, celebrating triumphs, providing solace during rough patches, and creating lasting memories along the way.