Been verified is it legit


Been Verified Is It Legit

Been Verified: Is It Legit for a Dating Site?

When it comes to online dating, safety and security are paramount. With the rise of scams and fake profiles, it's important to find ways to verify the authenticity of individuals on dating platforms. One service that aims to provide this verification is Been Verified. In this article, we'll explore whether Been Verified is legit for a dating site and how it can be beneficial for users.

What is Been Verified?

Been Verified is an online background check service that allows users to search public records and get information about individuals. It can provide data like criminal records, contact details, social media profiles, and more. The service is often used to verify the identity and background of potential dates or make sure someone is who they claim to be.

How Does Been Verified Work?

The process of using Been Verified on a dating site typically involves the following steps:

  1. Signing up: Users must create an account on Been Verified and provide necessary information to conduct searches.

  2. Search: Once registered, users can enter the name, phone number, or email address of the person they wish to verify. Been Verified then scours its vast database to retrieve relevant information.

  3. Results: The service provides users with a comprehensive report containing public records, social media profiles, contact information, and more. This information can help users make informed decisions about potential dating partners.

The Legitimacy of Been Verified

Been Verified is a legitimate service that provides access to public records and can be a useful tool for online daters. However, it's important to note that the service relies on publicly available information, and it may not have access to certain private records or up-to-date data. It's always recommended to use multiple sources and exercise caution when making decisions based on background check data.

The Benefits of Using Been Verified

Been Verified offers several advantages for those using dating sites:

  1. Identity verification: By searching for an individual's background information, users can ensure they are communicating with a real person. This can help protect against scams and fake profiles.

  2. Safety assurance: By discovering any criminal records or red flags, users can avoid potentially dangerous situations and make informed decisions about pursuing a relationship.

  3. Peace of mind: Using a service like Been Verified can provide users with peace of mind, as they will have more information about the person they are considering dating.

Limitations and Alternatives

While Been Verified is a helpful tool, it's important to consider its limitations. The service may not have access to all public records, and the accuracy of the information can vary. Therefore, it's advisable to use additional methods to verify someone's identity. These methods may include:

  • Contacting the person directly and asking for additional information or proof of identity

  • Using Google or other search engines to find information about the person

  • Asking for references or recommendations from mutual friends or acquaintances

Additionally, some dating sites have their own verification processes in place. It can be beneficial to utilize such features provided by the platform you are using, as they may offer more comprehensive and up-to-date information.


Been Verified is a legitimate background check service that can provide valuable information for users of dating sites. It offers a way to help verify an individual's identity, ensure safety, and provide peace of mind. However, it's essential to remember that background checks should not be the sole criteria for determining a person's trustworthiness. It's always important to exercise caution, use multiple sources of information, and trust your instincts when engaging in online dating.